Card Games - Waste of Time or Brain Exercise?

Did you know that card games date back to the T'ang Dynasty in China over 1,200 years ago? Or that the Jack and Queen only joined the ranks of the face cards once card playing spread to Europe in the 14th - 15th century? Or that the French introduced the popular card suits like we know them today?

To most of us card games were just a fun way to pass time as a child, or a fun interactive tool to socialize with other people as an adult. However, recent studies show that card games provide not only entertainment value but are also quite beneficial to our emotional, cognitive and mental state.



Memory and brain functionality

A study by the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute and the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center showed that playing card games helps people have a greater brain volume in a number of different brain regions. In addition to improved memory and thinking, the risk of suffering from dementia is significantly lowered. So next time you can't remember where you put your keys, try getting into a game of bridge with your buddies. And if you don't have a deck laying around, check out our bridge-sized code:deck classic.

Personal growth and mental health

Card games provide a safe and simple platform for anyone to gain confidence, learn new skills and practice their patience. They are a stress reliever and can help deal with anxiety. Some card games can even improve self confidence - by allowing everyone to compete on an equal standing, card games help break down the barriers that sometimes prevent us all from enjoying life as we are meant to. 

Math skills and concentration

There is a certain beauty in the Mathematics behind such an underrated activity such as playing cards. People who start playing card games find that learning about odds and probabilities in school comes naturally to them. Combinatorics, mental math and skip counting are a few of the many skills card games teach. Our team at Varianto:25 put together a special package for all math wizards out there - the Poker Player Bundle.



Social engagement

Playing cards is a social activity and it offers a great opportunity for social engagement. As such it's been around for ages, bringing together people from different ages and backgrounds. Games such as bridge, blackjack or poker can be played anytime and anywhere, and а deck of cards is small enough to be carried anywhere. 


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Card Games - Waste of Time or Brain Exercise?