What 2020 Looks Like for Varianto:25

2019 was a fun and interesting year for us. We launched new mug designs, experimented with new products conceptualization, changed our website, and improved our payment system. 

Here is what we plan to take on in 2020:

1. Improve our standard shipping - we will look into engaging faster, more reliable shipping services. We are constantly working on making the process of getting our products to you easier. 2019 was the year we introduced free shipping, 2020 will be focused on improving the quality of the service altogether.


2. Offer new products - after a long and productive partnership with a local wood craftsman, we are ready to present our new line of environmentally-conscious, hand-made reclaimed wood coasters. Stay tuned!


3. Tell you more about our process - what makes our cards the high-quality products they are? What is the difference between 100% plastic and plastic coated?


In short - we at Varianto:25 are looking forward to an exciting new year. Hope you are too!

What 2020 Looks Like for Varianto:25