01 Mar 2017

code:deck modern released

code:deck modern

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, we're now making code:deck modern available for purchase on our website.

The deck has two materials to choose from - 100% plastic and plastic-coated with linen finish (similar to what Bicycle use for most of their decks).

28 Feb 2017

New mugs released

We received many positive responses to our developer mugs, and we decided to make a few new designs!


Head over to the Mugs hub page to see our new mugs:

We hope you like them!

15 Feb 2017

Free shipping, 15% discount and free sticker for every order

We're happy to announce some great new promotions and discounts!

We now give a free sticker with every order, we have free shipping for orders over $50 and you'll also get a 15% discount if your order is over $100.

Free sticker with every order

When you reach the checkout page you'll be presented with three random stickers to choose from. Select one of them and it will be added to your order for free.

Checkout page
Free shipping for orders over $50

If your order is for $50 or more you won't have to pay for shipping!

15% discounts for orders over $100

Orders over $100 will receive a 15% discount. What's more - you'll also get free shipping!

Shopping cart
09 Jan 2017

New stickers released!

We're happy to release five new stickers.


Head over to the Stickers hub page where you can see our new designs:

01 Dec 2016

Winter Sale starts now!

The Christmas spirit is all around us and it's time to show our appreciation to our closest friends and family with some great gifts!

We got you covered! We're announcing our Winter Sale with discounts for all of our products.

Winter Sale

The Winter Sale will last until the end of December.

26 Nov 2016

New line of products - Mugs

Our awesome mugs for developers will make your coffee great again!

Mugs for developers

Head over to the Mugs hub page to see how to transform your daily coffee routine:

23 Nov 2016

Black Friday Sale

The Christmas holidays are drawing near and we're happy to announce our Black Friday sale.

Black Friday Sale

We have some great discounts for all of our products that will last until the end of November.

Make sure to place your orders now in order to receive them on time for the holidays! :-)

17 Oct 2016

100% plastic code:deck - now on Kickstarter

We created code:deck a couple of years ago and now we need your help to make a better version of it. We have a brand new design and we are introducing a 100% plastic version.

Plastic code:deck
If you want to help us make this deck a reality, please back us on Kickstarter.
15 Oct 2016

New product line - Mouse pads

We are very happy to release a brand new product line in our store - mouse pads!

Mouse pads for developers

Head over to the Mouse pads hub page to see how to pimp your working space with our four different mouse pad designs:

15 Oct 2016

New stickers released

We are releasing a couple of new stickers:

Stickers for developers

Head over to the Stickers hub page where you can see our new designs:

29 Sept 2016

Celebrating International Coffee Day

Coffee is what keeps us awake and focused so that we can write better code. That's why we're very happy to celebrate the International Coffee Day and offer some discounts for our coffee-related products.

Our coffee stickers are 33% off and our coffee T-Shirts are 25% off until the end of this week (October 2).

Happy Coffee Day!

20 Sept 2016

We're sponsoring Codemotion Berlin 2016

We are happy to be one of the partners of Codemotion Berlin 2016!

Codemotion Berlin is one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe. This year's event is taking place on October 24 & 25. If you're in the area be sure to visit it. You might come across some of our cool products.

19 Sept 2016

New product line - posters

We are very happy to release a brand new product line in our store - posters!

Posters for developers

Head over to the Posters hub page to see how to spice up your office space with our three different poster designs:

12 Sept 2016

Celebrating Programmer's Day

Programmer's Day is celebrated on the 256th day of each year. To mark the holiday, we're offering you discounts for our stickers and notebooks.

All our stickers are 50% off and all our notebooks are 20% off until the end of this week (September 18).

Programmers' Day
03 July 2016

New stickers released

We are releasing three new stickers:

Stickers for developers

Head over to the Stickers hub page where you can see our new designs:

11 June 2016

New T-Shirt design

We are happy to announce our newest T-Shirt:

I turn wine into design
I turn wine into design

de·sign·er (n) An organism capable of converting wine into design.

23 May 2016

Two new T-Shirt designs

We are happy to announce two new T-Shirt designs!

I am the one who codes
I am the one who codes

Who are you talking to right now? Who is it you think you see? I am the one who codes!.

For Breaking Bad fans. By Breaking Bad fans.

I turn coffee into code
I turn coffee into code

pro·gram·mer (n) An organism capable of converting caffeine into code.

16 May 2016

We're sponsoring MetroHacks 2016

We are very proud to be one of the sponsors of MetroHacks 2016!

MetroHacks is a high-school coding competition that is being held at Microsoft's Cambridge, MA HQ this May 21-22. Be sure to check their website (metrohacks.co) for more information.

02 May 2016

New product line - Stickers

Our stickers are the perfect addition to your laptop/phone case, car or anything else you decide to put stickers on.

Stickers for developers

Head over to the Stickers hub page where you can see our first sticker designs:

02 May 2016

Two new notebooks added

We've received many positive responses for our first notebook, so we decided to add a couple of new ones in this category:

A design that pops

A design that pops Notebook

Inspired by this Oatmeal strip, this notebook can certainly help you make your designs pop more.

Programming languages

Programming languages Notebook

A notebook for the polyglot programmers. Buy this notebook to show your broad understanding of programming languages.

25 Jan 2016

New product - Notebook

We're happy to announce our newest product - the Eat, sleep, code, repeat Notebook!

Eat, sleep, code, repeat Notebook

We received very positive feedback for the Eat, sleep, code, repeat T-Shirt, and we want to expand further on the idea. That's why our new product is built upon that.

We believe that despite all of the technology surrounding us, sometimes a plain old pen and paper notebook is the way to go. Head over to the Notebook's product page to learn more about it.

We hope you'll like it!

15 Nov 2015

Winter sale - 15% off all products

We're happy to announce the start of our winter sale!

Starting from today until Dec 31 all of our products will be 15% off.
Furthermore, the buy two T-Shirts, get a free code:deck October promo was very successful, so we decided to make it a permanent promotion.

Make sure to place your orders now to receive them on time for the holidays! :-)

26 Oct 2015

Three new T-Shirt designs

We're thrilled to announce three new T-Shirt designs!

Welcome Player, Brain and Eat, sleep, code, repeat to our family of geeky T-Shirts.

Wearing the Player T-Shirt will give you at least +20% charisma boost in your quest to become a real life developer hero.

If you put on the Brain T-Shirt, you'll show your deep understanding of how your developer's mind lead you to a happy life.

Lastly, the Eat, sleep, code, repeat T-Shirt will emphasize the simple and effective lifecycle of a developer.

We hope you like the new designs! If you have any feedback, please write to us at mail@varianto25.com

01 Oct 2015

October promo - buy two T-Shirts get a free code:deck

Following the launch of our new website, we're unveiling our October promo campaign.

For the whole month of October we'll give you a free code:deck for every two T-Shirt you buy!

26 Sep 2015

Website redesign

We're very happy to announce the redesign of our website!

We made things simpler and more beautiful.
Each T-Shirt now has a separate product page ( Brainfuck | Object-oriented | Color correction ) and we created a separate FAQ page to address common questions we receive.

You'll surely notice our new show over tell approach. We're now using big beautiful photos that will give you a much better idea of our products' appearance.

We're also preparing some new products and T-Shirt designs, so stay tuned! :-)

16 Aug 2015

We're sponsoring DDD Perth

We just love sponsoring cool developer events, so when the opportunity arrived to sponsor DDD Perth , we didn't miss it.

DDD Perth is a non profit community event run by developers for developers.

05 Jan 2015

We're sponsoring Hacking Generation Y

We are extremely proud to be one of the sponsors of the amazing Hacking Generation Y Silicon Valley event!

Check out their website ( http://hackgeny.com/ ) to learn more about their past and future events.

08 Dec 2014

New product - T-Shirts for developers

For the proud coder or developer! Now you can look the part while you show your prowess in IT with these unique shirt designs. The first batch of Varianto:25 dev:wear consists of three shirts, each with unique statement!

Each T-Shirt has a dedicated page where you can learn more about it and see some cool photos:

Enjoy the ongoing sale!
Happy Holiday Season!

07 Dec 2014

Giveaway winners

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your great interest in the code:deck sale and the Varianto:25 giveaway!

Once again we want to thank the participants in the Varianto:25 giveaway and present you the winners below.

ID Media Prize
Markus Holtermann Twitter/Google+ Object-oriented T-Shirt & code:deck
Ron Pogue Twitter/Google+ Object-oriented T-Shirt & code:deck
Hugh Lashbrooke Twitter Brainfuck T-Shirt & code:deck
Daniel Schutzsmith Twitter Brainfuck T-Shirt & code:deck
G Δ R R I D O Twitter Color correction T-Shirt & code:deck
Margarita Ganeva Twitter Color correction T-Shirt & code:deck
Catie Jo Twitter Object-oriented T-Shirt
Richard Melchert Google+ Object-oriented T-Shirt
Hans-Helge Bürger Twitter Object-oriented T-Shirt
Kristina Spaghettina Facebook Brainfuck T-Shirt
Bio Devi Facebook Brainfuck T-Shirt
RiledUp Hunt Google+ Brainfuck T-Shirt
Wojciech Szóstak Google+ Color correction T-Shirt
Francesca Romana Perugini Facebook Color correction T-Shirt
Любомир Гиздов Facebook Color correction T-Shirt
Sean Cull Twitter code:deck
violet porto Twitter code:deck
Nikolay Vankov Facebook code:deck
Muhammad Hamza Khan Twitter code:deck
Andrea Colangelo Twitter code:deck
Alessio De Pauli Facebook code:deck
John Park Facebook code:deck
Brent Johnson Twitter code:deck
Ангел Николов Facebook code:deck
Christian Garrido Google+ code:deck
Steve Heyns Google+ code:deck
Nikolay Bonev Bonev Facebook code:deck
Alexander Preston Facebook code:deck
David V McKay Google+ code:deck

Enjoy the ongoing sale!
Happy Holiday Season!

06 Dec 2014

Winter holidays discount and giveaway

Hello friends,
We have great news for the upcoming winter holidays:

  • A month long Holiday sale: 30% on every code:deck you order during December!
  • A new product!
  • A week-long giveaway with ton of rewards - not only code:decks but our next mystery product as well!

Read on for details!

The Sale:

Holidays are coming so we are pushing a 30% discount for code:deck dropping its price to $7 per code:deck!

The discount offer will last until New Year's Eve on 31st of December 2014.

The New Product:

On the 7th of December our new product will be revealed! For now it is a mystery!

The Giveaway:

To celebrate the coming of our new product we are hosting a giveaway until the 6th of December! The rewards are as follows:

  • 20 winners will get 1 code:deck
  • 15 winners will get 1 of our mystery new product
How to enter:

Simply share the news about the updated varianto25.com website in a publicly visible post on your favourite social media of choice!
Remember to include #varianto25 in your post as we need it to track your participation.

Giveaway entry is open until midnight on 6th of December 2014

Who wins:

On the 7th of December we will select 35 random lucky winners and announce them alongside the reveal of our new product on the Varianto:25 blog and social pages.

Don’t hesitate to reach back to us with feedback or questions! Enjoy the sale and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Happy Holiday Season!