code:deck (Playing cards)

A standard playing card deck for developers. Each individual card features a code snippet describing it in a different programming language.

Eat, sleep, code, repeat (Notebook)

Get your thoughts down and organized. With this notebook difficult takes a day and impossible takes a week.

Eat, sleep, code, repeat (T-Shirt)

What is a day in the life of a software developer? Simple and effective!

Brain (T-Shirt)

Show your deep understanding of bugs. Declare them as undocumented features and live a happy life.

Player (T-Shirt)

Play your life as a hero, be a developer! Wear this T-Shirt to get your +20% charisma boost.

Brainfuck (T-Shirt)

Do you want to induce a WTF on your colleagues' face? Buy this T-shirt to give them Brainfuck!

Color correction (T-Shirt)

Defy image enhancing for the sake of appearances! Show some confidence wearing this awesome T-shirt.

Object-oriented (T-Shirt)

Make a statement! Announce your favorite programming paradigm!