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Playing cards. For developers, by developers.

If you are a programmer, QA or student in IT that loves playing card games then code:deck is for you! code:deck is a standard playing card deck sporting a stylish modern design. Each individual card features a code excerpt describing it in one of many programming languages. We tried to compile a wide selection of programming languages - from generally acknowledged staples and utility languages in software development to newer alternatives and weird curiosities!

Are you bored while playing by the bland designs of other decks? Do you want to rack some more style points on your next Team Building? Need a gift for a friend employed in IT and out of ideas? Stop wasting time and grab your code:deck today!

Want to contact us? Drop us a line at mail∂

Frequently asked questions

1) Who is making this deck?

We are a trio of friends employed in IT. All of us filled with passion for creative design. We want to make fun and innovative products that cater to the taste of developers worldwide and also satisfy their thirst for new creative ideas.

We think contact forms sucks, so if you want to get in touch with us, please drop us an email at mail∂
Alternatively, if you want to stay in touch with the latest news you can like our Facebook page or subscribe to our code:deck updates mail list.

2) What do a bunch of developers know about making decks?

Trusting our design instincts we started off by figuring out the design and all the programming content. When we had that out of the way we did extensive research by comparing quality of materials with established brands worldwide for finding the most suitable printing house for our purposes - creating a quality card deck in an affordable price range.

3) Which programming languages are included?
4) Wow, that's a lot of languages! Are you really that pro?

While we try to consider ourselves pro enough, we had a bunch of people who helped us out with the code snippets. Here is the list of our amazing contributors:

Thank you, guys! We couldn't have done it without you!

5) How fast will I get the deck after ordering?
We are aiming to process orders as soon as possible. Depending on the amounts of orders we receive, your decks might be sent out towards the end of the work week during which you ordered. For Europe the average delivery time is reported to be a week. For countries outside of Europe the delivery time averages between 2 and 3 weeks. This is due to the fact that our base of operation is located in Bulgaria where we live. All orders are sent out via Bulgarian National Mail.
6) What is the material used for the cards?
The material used for the cards is chrome matte paper with double sided UV polish. We are currently investigating with our printing partners the possible options and available materials in Bulgaria for plastic cards.
The code:deck

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You can order your code:deck now. Currently we support orders through PayPal only. Please be sure to provide valid shipping address and contact details with your PayPal order when redirected after clicking the Buy button below.

Shipping costs are a flat $5 fee worldwide. So with more decks in a single order you actually get cheaper shipping. You can select the desired quantity in your Paypal order.